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Foreigners’ Health card to address major concerns for expats in Portugal

The idea behind the card is to ensure that people who move to Portugal have an efficient and personalised answer to healthcare, real estate, fiscal, and leisure services. The card offers an integrated solution to the various needs of foreigners with the Golden Visa or Non Habitual Resident status in Portugal.

When buying different services in Portugal, the Foreigners’ Health card gives each cardholder special benefits and discounts.

The fiscal consultancy services include applying for the Non Habitual Resident and Golden Visa, and help with arrival and registration formalities.

Health services include consultations, diagnosis exams, and surgical and non-surgical treatments, from the most diverse medical specialities.

Real estate services include support and counselling when searching for a property anywhere in the country. There are also available customer support and leisure services, such as, concierge, interpreter, Portuguese classes, nutritionist sessions, or thermal and thalassotherapy sessions.

Cardholders can get a 10 percent discount rate in fiscal services, 15 percent discount rate in healthcare services and 10 percent discount rate in customer care and leisure services.

The Foreigners’ Health card can be purchased by any foreign resident in Portugal or a person planning to move to Portugal.


Medical Port / Expatica

Medical Port is a global medical tourism facilitator in Portugal that gives access to specialised medical care to foreign residents living in Portugal.