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Editor’s guide to Expatica on social media

Like us on Facebook

Expatica has Facebook pages for each country we are in. By Liking our page in your country of residence, you will be treated to a targeted stream of daily news, events, classifieds, blog posts and other information. We focus on providing only a few (maximum 4-5) posts daily that are relevant to you – the most useful and quirkiest of what we have on Expatica for that day in your country of residence. Plus, you will occasionally have the chance to enter competitions, and win great prizes! What’s not to like?


  • You’re probably already on Facebook, and it’s likely you log in daily.
  • You’ll hear about events, housing ads, job vacancies, and news you may otherwise not be aware of.

How to do it: Simply search Facebook for "Expatica (yourcountryofresidence)" and "Like" our page. 

Follow us on Twitter

Two advantages Twitter has over Facebook are speed and brevity. Due to the speed that tweets come and go through the average person’s feed, we tend to post on Twitter more often than on Facebook – up to 10 times a day – with the latest news, events, job vacancies, housing ads, and other relevant information.


  • It’s faster than Facebook, meaning you will get news almost as soon as we do.
  • We tweet more often than we post, meaning your will get more news, events, housing ads, and job vacancies.

How to follow us: Expatica has Twitter handles for every Expatica country. To find us, simply search in Twitter for Expatica and select your country of residence from the search results. You can also follow @Expatica if you wish to see a selection of news from all of our target markets.


If Facebook and Twitter aren’t your ‘cup of tea’, Expatica is also active on Google+. We are still new to Google’s social network and feeling our way, so your feedback and interaction on the Expatica Google+ community are very welcome!


Expatica’s LinkedIn Group is a space for you to network, share information on work and business-related topics and discuss cross-cultural issues. We are in the process of building our group into an even more useful platform for you to learn more about the work and business environments in your country of residence.

Let’s start talking

One more advantage of joining us across these social media platforms is that we can interact and listen to what you have to say.  We at Expatica want to connect with you, so please Like and follow us and let’s start talking!

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