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Editor’s guide to Expatica Community

Published on 18/04/2012

We think our members deserve more... more up-to-date social networking tools and greater variety. We've rolled up our sleeves and pulled out all the stops to further develop a more user-friendly community site for our loyal membership. Better profiles and connectivity with other Expatica members, an improved forum, groups, events, instant messaging... and much more. Log in now to explore discover your new "social" home away from home Expatica Community!

What to expect?

If you’re a fan of Facebook or similar social networking sites, you’ll feel right at home in Expatica’s online community. It’s quick, it’s easy and, most of all, it’s fun!

Thousands of new expat friends are just a click away!

Whether you’re thinking of moving, you’haveve just relocated or have been hanging out around here for a while, Expatica’s social network will connect you to like-minded folks in no time. As well as a redesigned forum, our new platform will let you chat instantly with other members, set up groups with your new Expatica chums friends and create events for those groups too! Expatica is givesing you the tools to build your own expat network… not just virtually but literally! As they say, "birds of a feather to flock together."

Easy to use!

Navigating Expatica Community is a snap, especially if you’re a regular on Facebook. If you’re a regular on Facebook, In fact, you can even connect your Expatica profile to Facebookit  and you’ll only have to post in one place! Change your status, send messages to other members and comment on their photos &and videos… it’s all smooth sailing! In addition, the blog tool will give you a publishing platform where you can write your own blogs and let the folks back home (and all over the world) know what you’re up to.

Entertain and be entertained!

Members could already always add photos to their forum posts, but this will take you can now sharinge media within the Expatica Community toon a whole new level. With our new photo album feature, together with music and& video sharing, we guarantee you’ll have a ball on Expatica Community.

Privacy–you are in control.

Your privacy on the web is important to us and we have made sure that the Community features are highly manageable and customizable. You will always be in control of who is allowed to see your profile, comment on your posts / uploads or connect with you on Expatica.

Here’s a list of all the great new features that you can start using right now:!

Groups: form your own group and get connected to people with similar interests.
Events: organize your own events and get-togethers.
Forums: create discussion topics to share information and experiences on life abroadon how to make your way as an expat abroad..
Chat & Instant messaging: chat stop by ourin real time in the chatrooms or chat directly with your online friends.
Blogs: a publishing platform forwhere you tocan record and share your expat thoughts and lifeexperiences about life abroad.
Photos: upload and share photos with the Expatica Community at large or chose to just share with just your selected friends.
Community classifieds: post your classified ad to our members… it’fors free!
Music: create playlists and& share your musical tastes with the community.
Video: keep your friends amused by posting videos from youtube or from your own computer.
Polls: sound-outask our online community on about virtually any topic.

Sounds great? Can’t wait to try it? Log in now with the same Expatica user account you know and love. If you don’t  not yet have an account yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up.

Attention: We are very curious to know from which country most of our users are from. If you haven’t indicated your country yet, click HERE to let us know!

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