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Zeinal Bava tops the list of Espírito Santo ‘bung’ recipients

Published on 20/01/2018

The list is a long one, some 106 names, all of whom are registered on bank statements recording payments from Espírito Santo Enterprises which made transfers via an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands.

This offshore company is suspected as acting as the channel through which the Espírito Santo Group, aka Ricardo Salgado, ensured support where needed and silence when necessary.

To the disquiet of many of those named, the top 20 has been published in the Saturday edition of Expresso. The roll of dishonour is headed by former PT and Oi boss, Zeinal Bava (pictured above).

Many of those noted worked for parts of BES in Portugal or were high up in overseas companies related to the Espírito Santo Group. About three quarters are members of the Espírito Santo family.

In number one place: Zeina Bava (€18.5 million), Amílcar Morais Pires (€4.9 million), Isabel Maria Carvalho de Almeida (€2.2 million), Virgílio Tarrago da Silveira (€1.7 million) followed by Jorge Manuel P. Espírito Santo Silva (€748,000), Ricardo Abecassis Espírito Santo Silva (€747,000), Juan Villalonga Navarro (€703,000) and António Soares (€686,000).

Following on, there is José Manuel da Fonseca Antunes (€562,000), Fernando José Camacho Baptista da Costa Freire (€500,000), Pedro Fernandes Homem (€437,000), Bernardo Leite de Faria Espírito Santo (€400,000), Maria da Conceição Espírito Santo (€316,000), Manuel Pinho (€315,000), Jean-Luc Schneider (€310,000) and Antonio Pecado (€315,000).

There are three types of payments: in the millions in exchange for practices that may be illegal or detrimental to shareholders; those in the tens or hundreds of thousands for under-the-table commissions, and monthly amounts, one or two thousand, for years of unwavering allegiance.

Portugal’s Tax Authority will be more than a little interested in assessing who declared their good fortune on their annual tax return – and who ‘forgot.’

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