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Weekend train strikes off as Unions sign agreement

trainStationSantaremTrain strikes planned for this weekend have been cancelled as the unions and government have reached an accord over single driver trains.

An agreement on railway safety has been signed by the Secretariat of State for Infrastructure and the six Trade Unions involved – FECTRANS-SNTSF, SFRCI, ASCEF, SINAFE, SINFA and SINFB.

A union spokesman said the new agreement closes the matter and all the strikes, planned by staff at Comboios de Portugal, Medway and Takargo, have been called off.

The agreement between unions and the Government provides for a driver an an authorised back-up crew member in CP passenger trains and a requirement for previous authorisation by the regulator if trains are to run with a single driver.

According to the unions, in assessing any single driver routes, the regulator must carry out a risk analysis, as well as guaranteeing safety, especially for users with reduced mobility.

The unions also say that what is agreed today will be included in the negotiation of the concession agreement between CP and the Government.

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