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Weather to improve on Tuesday

Published on 10/06/2018

After record-breaking rainfall, unseasonal cold and a general lack of effort from the weather, the summer is coming with temperature rises across a grateful nation as from Tuesday, June 12th.

The Portuguese weather service forecasts a gradual increase in temperatures from next week, reaching a tourist-friendly 30°C by the end of the month along the Algarve’s beaches.

Before this pleasant early summetime norm is attained, fog, rain and depressingly familiar cold spells will continue to plague the nation for a few days but less so in the south where Sunday has been sunny and windy.

Lisbon’s short-term appeal recently has been marred by standing out as the European capital city with the lousiest weather with maximums of around 17ºC, well below Paris (26ºC), London (24ºC), Rome (30ºC) and Berlin (27ºC).

By Thursday the temperature will have risen to 24°C in Lisbon and soon the maximum temperature in Faro will hit a more reassuring 30°C.

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