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Wandering Lynx recaptured from Barcelona hideaway

Published on 07/06/2018

The incredible journey of ‘Lítio the wandering lynx’ has, for now, come to an end.

The young feline is back at a Spanish wildlife centre after having roamed over 1,100 kms from the Algarve’s Guadiana valley, all the way to the outskirts of Barcelona (click here).

Marking history for being the first lynx sighted in Catalonia for 100 years, Lítio’s new home was fraught with potential danger: being much too close to major roads and far from an ideal source of food.

Thus staff members attached to the Spanish-Portuguese Life Iberlince project teamed up with local forestry agents and laid some elaborate ‘traps’.

Suffice it to say, Lítio has been caught and is “safe and sound”. No one is saying more than that, nor when Lítio will be allowed to get back his freedom.

Project IberLince has been running since 2002 when the wild lynx population was down to just 94 felines (all of them in Spain), reports Diário de Notícias. This critical situation has been reversed to the point that in the last census – taken in 2017 – there were 589 of these distinctive wild cats spread over Spain and Portugal.

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