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Wandering horse problem dealt with by Lagos council

Published on 22/12/2017

Lagos council is to contract a horse collection and care service to deal with the problem of those that are abandoned or wander off.

A tendering process has started in order to attract bidders to run the service that will collect, transport and look after the horses. The notice, published on December 21st, in Diário da República, states that the maximum amount available for this project is €75,000-a-year.

The lucky winner of the tender will be responsible for collecting and caring for horses, ponies and donkeys that have been abandoned, are wandering on public roads or are in areas where they are a danger.

Lagos council recently held a public auction for 12 such animals which it had been forced to keep at taxpayers’ expense for a prolonged period.

These wandering animals, which have not properly been overseen or have been badly treated by their owners, sometimes escape from grazing areas and wander onto public roads, putting themselves and motorists in danger.

On December 17th, on the EN125 bridge over the Arade river near Portimão, several horses suddenly appeared on the road and were hit by an early morning driver. Two horses were killed by the impact and the driver was seriously injured. (here)

A horse collection and storage service in Lagos will enable wandering horses to be taken out of danger and looked after.

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