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Thunder, lightning and downpours sweep across the Algarve

RainLogoThe Algarve and lower Alentejo remain under a thunderstorm warning this evening after a day of turbulent weather.

“Heavy downpours, hail and accompanied by wind gusts,” are still expect on Wednesday evening, according the weather service whose forecast yesterday of a low chance of rain was swiftly upgraded today as storms swept across the Algarve.

The reason for the current weather, is “the joint action of a localised anticyclone over the Azores, a depression in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula and a depression centred on the southwest of the country.”

Almancil bore the full force of today’s onslaught with lightning hitting six houses and setting one alight at midday.

The house in question is the home of Joaquim Pinto, president of the Junta de Freguesia of Almancil, whose property was badly damaged by the fire.

Communications and electricity were knocked out in parts of Almancil but no casualties were reported.

Tomorrow, for three days, there will be sun with intermittent cloud, after which the good weather will return. Temperatures will stay at around 28°C for the next week, at least.

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