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Storm ‘Bruno’ inbound

Published on 26/12/2017

The latest storm scheduled to hit Portugal, storm ‘Bruno,’ is moving eastwards from a position to the south west of the United Kingdom and by Tuesday evening should have arrived in the Northern and Central regions of Portugal.

The Algarve will escape the worst that dear Bruno has to offer but will have some rain on Wednesday morning. This is not as bad as in the north where an orange weather warning has been issued for heavy rain and high winds.

In the North and Centre of Portugal, Bruno will bring winds of up to 120kmph and high seas that have caused the closure of many ports.

Along the west coast of the Alentejo and Algarve the waves will be between 4 and 5 metres and the south of the country is under a yellow weather alert.

As the effects of Bruno start to wear off, Portugal will have sporadic rainfall until the weekend when the weather should become dry and less cloudy.

As for New Year’s Eve, the prediction in the Algarve is for zero rain and maximum fun.

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