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Spaniard stabbed in Albufeira bar

Published on 03/06/2018

A 25-year-old Portuguese man got involved in an argument over a girl whom he used to date.

A Spaniard was stabbed in the ensuing fight with the local, who, when he came across the Spaniard in the company of his ex-girlfriend at Reno’s bar, Avenida Sá Carneiro, an argument got out of control and the Spaniard was stabbed in one of his hands.

The suspect was detained by the GNR and stated to the authorities that he did not intend to wound the Spaniard.

On Monday morning, a judge will be deciding on whether or not the aggressor will be kept in custody or freed, pending trial.

The incident took place just before 04:00 on Sunday morning.

The wounded Spaniard received medical assistance on the spot and later was taken to the Basic Emergency Services centre in Albufeira even though his injury was said to being light.

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