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Portugal welcomes Letícia – the first baby born this year

baby2012Letícia is the first baby born in Portugal this year. The second daughter of a couple from Vizela, Braga, was born at midnight in Oporto.

The baby weighs only 860 grammes and was born prematurely, at 27 weeks in the Centro Materno Infantil do Porto.

The mite, measures only 34.5 centimetres, is in an incubator until she gains strength.

The mother was hospitalised in Guimarães and had to be transferred on Sunday night, December 31, to the Oporto unit where the baby ended up being the first born in 2018.

Leticia was born naturally and will be in hospital for at least two and a half months.

Laetitia (Letícia, in Portuguese) is a feminine given name derived from the Latin term laetus, meaning “happy.”

It appeared in the form “Lettice” in medieval England and in “Leticia” as a synonym for “happiness” in ancient Spanish. Common nicknames for women named Letitia are “Letty” and “Tisha.”

With the exception of its Spanish (“Letícia”) and Basque (“Letizia”) variants, most forms of the name are rare today.