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Pedrógão Grande fire claims 50th victim

FirePedGrandeCarA victim of last October’s fires, who was receiving long-term in-patient care in Coimbra Hospital, has died of her injuries and increases the number of fire related deaths to 50.

Much of the woman’s body was burned, as was her wind pipe. She died on Thursday 14th of June, three days before the year’s anniversary of the deadly inferno that shocked the nation and resulted in a government review of the land clearance laws.

The Council in Oliveira do Hospital has announced its deep regrets at the woman’s death – she had worked in the Ervedal and Vila Franca da Beira joint parish council team.

The 2017 fires now have caused 116 deaths.

The two deadly blazes were at Pedrógão Grande, Leiria, which started on June 17th, followed by another in the central region in which 50 people were killed and 1,500 homes destroyed.

On June 17, 2017, the flames broke out in the municipality of Pedrógão Grande. The blaze spread to neighbouring municipalities, killing 66 people and injuring 253. Some 500 homes were affected and 53,000 hectares of scrubland, farmland and forest were consumed.

The year-long inquiry into the fires is coming to a close and, with ten official suspects, surviving residents are hopeful that those responsible are held to account.

The suspects may face criminal charges of negligent manslaughter and bodily harm through negilgence.

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