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PAN calls for animal ban in Portugal’s circuses

Published on 01/12/2017

The one-man PAN party wants to ban all animals from circus performances in Portugal

Parliament will discuss MP André Silva’s proposal on 21 December, with the party also pushing for prosecution for those who continue to flout current animal protection laws relating to circus animals.

PAN (People-Animals-Nature) has scheduled a bill to ban the use of animals in circuses. Although the “acquisition and breeding” of certain animals already is banned, the party wants to extend the ban to all species, with circus animals taken to reserves to recover.

Species such as “tigers, hippos, lions, camels, sharks, zebras, snakes, dogs, horses, ponies, donkeys and foxes can still be used in circuses, with a 2009 law prohibiting the use of primates, bears, walruses, seals and penguins,” said the MP.

PAN now wants to go further and “abolish the use of all live animals in circuses, a stance arrived at after several months of study and meetings with various national and international entities and NGOs.”

If the proposal is approved, “circus keepers and trainers who hand over animals free of charge to the State will be entitled to support for professional retraining” with punishment for those who break the proposed new law, and the prosecution of those who continue to use banned animals for public amusement.

André Silva argues that, “animals in circuses should be rescued and placed in reserves where they can recover” and “people should be sensitized and encouraged to choose only circuses where there are no animals.”

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