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More than 500,000 animals died in the October fires

fireBombeirosSmallThe Ministry of Agriculture has estimated that at least 500,000 animals died in Portugal’s devastating fires this summer.

In response to questions posed by the People Animals Nature party’s MP, André Silva, the Ministry estimates that by the end of October, more than half a million birds, cattle, sheep and pigs had died.

To help farmers feed what remains, up to 4,500 tonnes of feed and 600 tonnes of straw are being distributed by the military.

The agricultural directorates began assessing the animal situation on October 16th, told farmers to bury all the animals killed in the fires and told vets to kill off badly damaged animals while treating those not so badly injured.

The government claims to have made a “survey of the food needs” of the remaining animals and has started its food and straw distribution operation – “4,500 tonnes of feed and 600 tonnes of straw will be phased in, according to the estimated needs in the coming months.”

The operation has been run by 100 military personnel manning the distribution centres.

The Government also points out that it has created a €5 million credit line to “compensate producers for increased production costs caused by extreme or severe drought, which has aggravated the effects of the fires.”