Home News More rain, high winds and thunder on their way

More rain, high winds and thunder on their way

Published on 06/03/2018

Rain, wind and turbulent seas are set to continue, according to the weather service at the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere.

From the end of Wednesday, due to an approaching front and deep depression, there will be sheets of rain across the country, often heavy and persistent.

Thunder and lightning can be expected, especially from Friday the 9th March.

The wind is going to build in intensity over the next few days and is expected to reach 90 kmph across Madeira and the mainland.

The IPMA also forecasts an increase in wave height and generally unstable sea conditions. Waves hitting mainland shores will continue to be from the southwest, with heights of between 5 and 6 metres on the 9th, and 8 metres on the 11th.

The warning from the National Maritime Authority, for the public to stay away from cliffs