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Monchique – kidnapped woman jumps from moving car

Published on 28/11/2017

The Judicial Police in Portimão have arrested a man and a woman who are suspected of being the pair that terrorised a couple after breaking into their Monchique home and threatening to shoot them.

Not content with taking gold and other valuables, the couple drove off with the woman, intent on getting her to take cash out of an ATM.

The woman managed to jump out of her captors’ car, successfully escaping. She suffered cuts and bruises but had no broken bones.

The police said that two people they have arrested were wearing masks and are suspected of having broken into the rural Monchique property during the night of Friday, November 24th and of forcing the owners to hand over jewellery, a mobile phone and money, then driving off with the woman against her will.

The arrests were made the following day and a 23 and 20-year-old have already been questioned but allowed free on certain conditions.

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