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Map and mobile app launched to help discover ‘Wines of the Algarve’

Published on 15/11/2017

The Algarve Wine Commission is launching a map, in the form of a poster, showing the Algarve’s wine producers, their contact details, vineyard GPS coordinates and what’s on offer when you visit.

In addition to this map, Carlos Gracias, president of the CVA, said that a smartphone app will be launched at the same time, “which will allow the consumer to have access to specific information about the region, and also to locate the nearest point of sale or restaurant with Algarve wine on the shelf.”

“With an increasing number of visitors to the Algarve, it is necessary to be equipped with tools to make it easier for operators and tour operators to access and contact over 30 Algarve producers in the region.”

The objective, said Carlos Gracias, is “not only for people to visit the wineries and their vineyards, but also to enjoy the associated services like the shop and food areas that are a provided by the producers, many of whom have excellent spaces for events and can cater for tourists and local groups.”

The poster, 10,000 of which will be printed and distributed, will have QR codes for each producer so people can find out all about vineyards by using an app on their smartphones.

According to the association, “the various producers expressed their interest in collaborating in publicising their busiensses and were pleased with our initiative which increases their visibility, especially those who already are into wine tourism.”

The Map of the Algarve Wine Region is developed by the CVA in partnership with Plotbiz, “the team is finalising the last details to distribute the posters, free of charge, to businesses and the public with about 10,000 copies being run off before the year-end.