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Litio the missing lynx turns up in Barcelona

Published on 03/06/2018

Litio, the Iberian Lynx whose tracking device malfunctioned just two days after his release into the wild, has been spotted in south-eastern Spain.

The lynx has been unaccounted for after his release in southern Portugal two years ago.

His last known location was in the Guadiana Valley in the Algarve in 2016.

Litio has been spotted in Catalonia, the first lynx to be seen in this region of Spain for over 100 years.

The wandering feline has travelled over 1,100 kilometres from his last known location.

The first time the animal was released, he struggled to adapt and was recaptured, being released in 2016 after further preparations.

Litio has been spotted in a wooded area in Barcelona after several reported sightings.

Conservation groups are planning to recapture Litio as his current location is too close to dangerous roads and urban areas.

Litio is the fifth Iberian lynx to have travelled from Portugal to Spain since 2010, but he is the first to be seen as far away as Catalonia.

When he is recaptured, data from his collar could provide information on where he has been for the past two years.

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