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Expansion of Portugal’s sea area makes slow progress through UN

Published on 20/03/2018

The government’s 2009 proposal to expand Portugal’s sea area by two million square kilometres is making slow, but steady, progress.

Oil exploration champion and Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, said today that the discussion at the UN on the Portuguese proposal is running as predicted but not to expect any news until at least 2020.

Vitorino informed MPs that the analysis of the Portuguese proposal to extend its sea area can not be hurried and all we can do at this stage is to answer any questions that may be asked, adding that the formal recognition phase of the proposal is almost complete.

The minister explained that the matter is now classified as confidential and that developments will be reported only to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the presidents of the regional governments of the Azores and Madeira.

Asked about the country’s ability to take responsibility for such an expansion in sea area, the minister assured MPs that new technology would be in place the day after approval, adding that, “we will of course have to have more investment,” hoping this would come from the European Union.

The UN discussion on the extension to Portugal’s sea area began in August last year, behind closed doors.

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