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Eastern EN125 road repairs and upgrade dates to be announced on Monday

EN125RoadSurfaceNow that the government has been caught out issuing a series of ‘Terminological inexactitudes’ in blaming the Court of Auditors for the interminable delay in upgrading the eastern Algarve’s EN125 road, (HERE) a Secretary of State is being dispatched to Tavira with the latest raft of, no doubt, inventive excuses.

A Secretary of State for Infrastructure will arrive on Monday and present himself at Tavira City Hall where members of the Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve (AMAL) will be treated to his utterances.

Guilherme W. d’Oliveira Martins, no less, is to present his programme for emergency repairs to the EN125 between Olhão and Vila Real de Santo António and also is scheduled to announce a date for the start of the overall road upgrade, first promised by the Passos Coelho government as part of a €250 million spend on the regional road.

The arrival of d’Oliveira Martins at high noon is apt as the criticism of the state of repair of the road has reached a crescendo with local travellers picking their way through ever-deepening potholes, collapsed road edges and gravel-strewn bald patches.

The government tried to blame the Court of Auditors for a delay in funding for the upgrade. Now that this has been revealed as a lie, the eastern region waits with bated breath for the Secretary of State to announce his plans.