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Boost in security forces to keep ‘Algarve safe’ this summer

psp‘Algarve Seguro’ has been launched by the Minister of Internal Administration who has committed 600 security personnel to the region this summer.

Eduardo Cabrita announced the numbers from the police and security forces that will spend the summer in the Algarve – almost 600 of them.

The programme’s aim is to deter crime, increase traffic surveillance and show a big police presence at the airport, beaches, leisure venues and bus and rail terminals.

The Public Security Police is supplying 33 teams from the Intervention Corps of the Special Police Unit, a total of 390 personnel divided between Portimão and Tavira, and four teams from the Prevention and Immediate Reaction force, two in Faro and two in Portimão despite an obvious need predicted for Albufeira.

To ensure greater police visibility in areas frequented by tourists, the PSP will focus their patrolling on Vila Real de Santo António, Tavira, Olhão, Lagos and Faro Airport.

The GNR will have around 200 personnel on permanent standby, supported by 19 vehicles and with four teams on horseback. The GNR also is to field 570 personnel to control the main summer events in the Algarve.

Existing partnerships with security forces from Spain and France will continue, with Gendarmes and Guardia Civil in evidence this summer.

The Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) increased it number of inspectors by 32% on June 1st, to improve the tourist flow through the airport.

“This is a very significant reinforcement for the summer,” said Eduardo Cabrita at the launch event in Faro, adding that,

“Our commitment to the Algarve is a commitment for the whole year. We want the Algarve to be a decisive component of what is today the image of Portugal, a country with high security indicators.”

The Minister of Internal Affairs stated that “no one invests in a destination associated with insecurity. If 2017 was a good tourist year in the region, the image of security contributed to that success.”

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