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App launched that authorises burning of countryside waste

firehelicopterAn ingenious new App has been launched, allowing requests to be submitted to burn forest and scrubland waste.

The computerised App simplifies requests to burn such rubbish and the applicant receives an automated response based on ‘real time’ local information, such as the prevailing weather conditions and the number of fires in recent days.

The system generates a response based on the risk conditions for the requested day. The applicant will have to register online and then request authorisation to have a fire. The answer is received by SMS or email.

The forestry service, in collaboration with the GNR and the National Association of Municipalities also provides a support line that allows applicants to ask questions and to access advice on how to register.

The helpline number (808 200 520), is associated with the SOS Environment and Territory Line of the GNR, is free and works from 9am to 9pm.

Fires are used in many agricultural and forestry activities however, these fires often become uncontrollable and lead to larger fires with serious consequences.

Burning waste from forests and scrubland contributes to the high percentage of fires in Portugal that are attributable to human causes – around 98%. The new App will help to change behavior so that fires can be set, but with a reduced risk of causing out-of-control fires.

The App can be accessed on the ICNF website, https://fogos.icnf.pt/InfoQueimasQueimadas/.

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