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Algarve chosen for new New International Yacht Training centre

Published on 29/01/2018

The Algarve has been chosen by the International Yacht Training course provider for a training centre between Faro and Olhão.

The provider aims to offer sailing and motor yacht courses that are approved by the Maritime Coastguard Agency UK to the RYA International Certificate of Competence level that allows sailors to navigate in any ocean.

This initiative is a partnership between the Algarve Cruising Centre in Olhão and the Association for the Study and Conservation of Oceans, and has Ricardo Barradas as the manager – a regular trainer at the Clube Internacional da Marina de Vilamoura.

According to Barradas, this new school and training centre could increase the Algarve’s international appeal, putting the region on the map as one the main destinations for advanced nautical training.

Barradas said this agreement represents a qualitative leap in the training that is given in Portugal, since the focus on the practical component presents an alternative, but above all, a complement to the training that is already given in the country.”

There is a plan to expand this type of training through partnerships with other entities, such as the University of the Algarve and other relevant bodies in the region, says Ricardo Barradas.

“The Algarve region has significant potential for nautical activities and there are many products yet to be explored such as advanced courses and even scientific tourism, but we need to innovate and invest,” added Barradas.

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