Home News ‘World making headway’, France’s Hollande says after Iran deal

‘World making headway’, France’s Hollande says after Iran deal

Published on July 14, 2015

French President Francois Hollande welcomed a historic deal reached Tuesday on Iran's nuclear programme, urging Tehran to help world powers end the Syrian conflict.

“It’s a very important deal that was signed overnight, the world is making headway,” he said in his traditional annual televised interview on France’s national day.

“Now that Iran will have bigger financial capabilities — as there will no longer be sanctions — we must be extremely vigilant on what Iran will be,” he added.

“Iran must show… that it is ready to help us on Syria to end this conflict.”

Reached on day 18 of marathon talks in Vienna, the deal aims at resolving a 13-year standoff over Iran’s nuclear ambitions after repeated diplomatic failures and threats of military action.

It puts strict limits on Iran’s nuclear activities for at least a decade and calls for stringent UN oversight, and in return Tehran will get much-needed sanctions relief.

“If there are breaches, we will be able to reapply sanctions,” Hollande said.