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‘Missing’ French tourists survive Indonesia quake

Published on April 01, 2005

JAKARTA, April 1 (AFP) - Three French tourists believed to have been on the Indonesian island of Nias when a massive quake struck this week have made contact with their families in France, but four Swedes have still not been accounted for, the foreign ministry said here Friday.

However, the Swedish foreign ministry said all its nationals had been located.

Indonesian authorities had initially believed that the four French nationals were also missing.

Thamrin did not have further details about the Swedes or give their names.

He said 15 Australians who had initially been reported missing had also contacted their families.

In Stockholm, a spokeswoman for the Swedish foreign ministry Aasa Arvidson told AFP that the ministry was not aware of any Swedes unaccounted for.

“We have no Swedes missing anymore. We initially had six Swedes missing after the earthquake, but they have all been found,” she said.

She said the last two were found on Thursday among a group of 12 foreigners found in the surfing resort on the south of the devasted island of Nias.

Around 1,300 people were killed in the quake, most of them in Nias’ main town Gunung Sitoli, a UN official said Friday.


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