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French butcher makes mincemeat of thieves

STRASBOURG, France, Feb 18 (AFP) – Three robbers who bundled up the staff of a supermarket in eastern France on Wednesday found they had bitten off more than they could chew when the shop’s butcher took to them with one of his meat cleavers, police said.

Two of the criminals were wounded in the counter-attack and were picked up by police a short time afterwards.

One of them was found at a hospital seeking urgent treatment for a nasty cut to the stomach, while the other was arrested at home while he tried to bandage a sliced arm.

The third robber was being sought.

The hapless trio had burst into the supermarket in the town of Brumath before it opened, brandishing pistols which turned out to be fake.

After rounding up the eight employees and piling up the store’s EUR 5,000 in cash, they were forced to flee empty-handed when the 27-year-old butcher began to use his knife skills against them.


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