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Contributing content to Expatica: FAQs

Published on August 12, 2008

What kind of material is Expatica looking for?Blogs, articles, opinions, photo essays.

What topics?
We are looking for strong material that reflects international life and enriches the Expatica visitor’s experience of living abroad. High on our list are informative features on living and moving abroad, along with the more personal reflections on what you consider to be the ups and downs of life in your adopted country. We are open to all of your suggestions on what is important or interesting to you about your current country of residence.

Here are some examples of features and blogs sent in by Expatica readers:
How long is your holiday? – by Veronica McCabe Deschambault (AKA V-Grrrl)
Maternity matters – What to expect in the Netherlands – by Amanda van Mulligen
Dutch volunteers and expats chat – by Michele Carloni
Yes or no to the Lisbon treaty – by Colin McGovern
Bikers invade Leopoldsburg – by Andy Carling
The tongue-tying trauma of life in Spain – by Kristen Bernardi

What length should my article be?
A typical article should be from around 750 words. For a photo essay, let the pictures do the talking but provide captions.

What format?

Send us a Word document and supply any relevant pictures with a width of no more than 500 pixels (four pictures maximum).
For a photo essay, the same applies (six pictures maximum).

Submitting your images to Expatica’s flickr group
We invite all readers to contribute to Expatica’s photo story series by sending related photos or videos. You can either send them to [email protected] or add them to our newly-created flickr group at http://www.flickr.com/people/expatica/. All contributed material will be credited accordingly.

Will my material be edited?
Yes. Our editors will look over the article and make changes where necessary. For a long-term relationship with our site, editors may choose to collaborate with you to improve the copy and write more articles. Edit your text yourself before considering it ready to send. Run spell-check after setting to UK English and read your document one more time before sending it.

For photo essays, photos may be cropped.  If the framing is perfect, then we’ll only crop for practical purposes such as fitting the pictures into our standard format for headline pictures.

What is not acceptable?

Bad language, pornography and material that is libellous whether against a company, organisation or individual. Most of us already know the rules on this. Keep it clean is the rule of thumb.