Woman smuggled explosives into French prison

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Steel plates inserted in the woman’s back helped her smuggle gun and explosives into the prison.

LYON – A woman who had steel plates put into her back after an accident smuggled a gun and explosives into a maximum security prison to help two inmates escape and warders never suspected a thing, a prosecutor said.

Guards at the Moulins maximum security prison in central France had thought the alarm was ringing whenever the woman went through because of the steel plates.

But Lyon prosecutor Xavier Richaud said she had explosives, a gun, a detonator and bullets strapped to her back on different visits which Christophe Khider and Omar Top El Hadj used to escape last Sunday.

Khider and El Hadj were caught after a cross-country chase on Tuesday. Khider was critically wounded in a gunfight with police.

The woman and a female friend, who was Khider's companion, have been detained and face charges for helping prisoners escape.

The prosecutor said that Khider's girlfriend, who was only named as Sylvie P, persuaded the girlfriend of another prisoner, Nadia K, to smuggle the weapons in during visiting hours last Saturday and Sunday.

Nadia "had metal plates in her back after an operation, and each time she went through the gate, the alarm sounded the guards were never surprised because she had a medical certificate saying she had been operated," Richaud said.

The gun and other equipment were taped to her back and she handed it to Sylvie P once inside to hand over to Khider during the visiting hour.

The authorities have said that specialist staff will be sent to the Moulins prison to boost security at the establishment.

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