WikiLeaks servers move to France, for now: source

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Whistleblowing site WikiLeaks is being partly hosted by French servers after being booted off US company Amazon's servers, a traceback of the site and a source close to Wikileaks said on Thursday.

Amazon stopped hosting the site following US pressure after it began on Sunday publishing the first batch of more than 250,000 US classified diplomatic cables the website is believed to have obtained from a disaffected US soldier.

The site is now hosted partly in France by Internet service provider OVH, as well as in Sweden, a traceback of the site via the Internet showed.

This was confirmed by a source close to WikiLeaks who cautioned it might not last long.

"WikiLeaks has been changing country and server fairly regularly for a few days because it has been the target of several Internet attacks so there's no certainty that tomorrow they won't be hosted elsewhere," the source said.

OVH declined to confirm that WikiLeaks was on its servers when asked by AFP.

WikiLeaks said Sunday and again on Monday that it was the target of distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks aimed at shutting down or slowing the website.

Classic DDoS attacks occur when legions of "zombie" computers, normally machines infected with viruses, are commanded to simultaneously visit a website, overwhelming servers or knocking them offline completely.

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