Web addresses to have more variety

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Internet users can opt for new website address with fancy endings such as “.paris” or “.zurich” instead of traditional endings like “.com” in 2009.

21 July 2008

BERLIN - Internet users will soon have more options for selecting the name of their web site. Traditional endings like ".com" or ."org" will soon be supplemented with many new ones, such as ".sports," ".perfume," or ".paris."

Companies or individuals who can show a compelling interest will be given priority, reports the industry association BITKOM from Berlin.

That means that users with relatively uncommon last names who live in Berlin have a good chance of acquiring a related web address, such as http://www.janedoe.berlin. That phase will come in early 2009 at the earliest.

The introduction of these new endings, known as top level domains, was approved by the Internet administration committee ICANN in Paris. Starting in early 2009, cities, regions or companies can apply for the domains but have to pay hefty fees in some cases.

The ."berlin" domain is already in the sights of a consortium looking to protect it from misuse. Private internet users will probably not have a chance to apply for the new endings, BITKOM indicates.

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