Sarkozy slams Gates as bitter retiree

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy delivered a scathing parting shot to outgoing US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, saying his criticism of the NATO alliance reflected the "bitterness" of a future retiree.

Sarkozy hit back at Gates two weeks after the US defence chief rebuked European allies for their reliance on US military might, warning that they were putting the Libya mission and NATO's very future at risk.

"Mr Gates was heading towards retirement and it gave him pleasure" to criticise the alliance, Sarkozy told a news conference after a summit of European Union leaders in Brussels.

"You can't blame someone who's retiring for showing bitterness," he said.

"His retirement caused him to not clearly see what was going on in Libya," the clearly offended French leader said, adding that "it was particularly inappropriate for Gates to say this. Plus, it was completely false."

Gates, who retires next week, painted a bleak picture of the state of the transatlantic alliance during his last visit to Brussels, saying NATO risked a "dismal" future after years of shrinking budgets.

"The mightiest military alliance in history is only 11 weeks into an operation against a poorly armed regime in a sparsely populated country -- yet many allies are beginning to run short of munitions, requiring the US, once more, to make up the difference," Gates said in a June 10 speech.

The air war in Libya was launched by a coalition led by the United States, France and Britain on March 19.

NATO took command of the mission on March 31, but only eight of 28 alliance members are taking part in the air strikes, with Britain and France carrying the load while the United States provides key refuelling and intelligence support.

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  • petecambell posted:

    on 28th June 2011, 16:04:22 - Reply

    Arrest warrants? That's what they need "cooperation" on? Is that what the "international community" should be doing?

    What we should be doing is pressing for a resolution ... a "NO MORE WARS FOR MONEY" resolution. That’s the bill they should pass right now. This bill should imply that the warring nations … this is the nations that are bombing the country should not in any way get involved in any kind of direct or indirect financial transactions with the victim country. That’s what we should fight for now.

    Starting from Tibby itself ... this resolution should be implemented. Show us your honesty ... show us that you are only about "protecting" people ... prove your intentions to be fair. For the next 50 years ... no major "business" transactions between Tibby and the countries that are bombing it.

    The most heinous and atrocious crimes that we are witnessing right now is ... bombing of cities being used as a tool for financial gain. And these crimes need to be stopped.

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