Sarkozy asks UN Security Council to back Libya no-fly zone

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Wednesday for the UN Security Council to pass a resolution setting up a no-fly zone in Libya where leader Moamer Kadhafi's troops are bombarding rebels.

Kadhafi has paid no attention to the Council's 26 February demand that he end "his murderous actions against his people," Sarkozy wrote in a letter to Council members' heads of state and government.

France and Britain have been leading calls for a no-fly zone to be implemented over Libya, as urged by the 22-member Arab League, to counter attacks on rebels by Kadhafi's forces.

Britain, France and Arab nations are seeking to overcome resistance to the no-fly zone from a number of countries on the 15-nation council.

"It's more than time for the international community, via the Security Council, to meet and draw the consequences of this situation and reply without delay to the pressing call from the Arab League," Sarkozy wrote.

"France calls solemnly for all the Security Council's members fully to assume their responsibilities and support this initiative," Sarkozy said of a Lebanese draft resolution.

"Let's save the martyred Libyan people together! Time is now counted in days, or even hours. The worst would be for the Arab League's call and the Security Council's decisions to fail because of armed force," he said.

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