Romania must take steps to better harness energy: experts

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Romania must take steps to better harness its energy resources to become a major European player, a study released Wednesday said.

The work entitled "Energy, an Opportunity for Romania" was drawn up by a group of French and Romanian experts who set forth ten proposals on improving energy efficiency as well as implementing European standards into Romanian legislation.

"We aim to identify opportunities and solutions to help energy companies develop, cut energy bills and protect the environment," Bruno Roche, the head of the France-Romania Chamber of Commerce, said during a press conference.

Romania boasts gas, oil and wind resources that can make it a major European player, but "concrete steps to fully harness this potential have been late in coming, so the country might miss strategic opportunities," he added.

The experts propose such measures as saving energy by improving the thermal insulation of apartment blocs built during the communist regime, updating plants, defining the rules for wind-power generation and guaranteeing access to local gas supplies.

"Romania can play a major role on the European energy market," Roche said.

But, unless decisive steps are taken, "this field can remain a vulnerable one," he added, citing among other risks dependence on Russian gas.

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