Remains of English soldier from 1799 found in Netherlands

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Remains of an English infantry soldier who died in 1799 fighting French forces have been found in the dunes in northwestern Netherlands, officials said Tuesday.

"The province of Northern Holland has found in the dunes to the north of Callantsoog the remains of an English soldier dating to 1799," authorities said in a statement.

"This archaeological find is one of the most important Napoleon-era finds made in this region," it said.

The find, which included bones and pieces of weapons and munitions, was made in March, said Kateliujne van Spronsen, the director of the De Helderse Vallei nature centre in charge of the environment where the remains were found.

The soldier appears to have belonged to the Coldstream Guards, today the oldest regular regiment in the British Army, which at the time were fighting French forces during the Napoleonic wars.

"We kept it secret all this time because we did not want people to go to this area where there are a lot of birds nesting," Van Spronsen said.

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  • Andrew posted:

    on 12th October 2011, 20:22:54 - Reply

    One little quibble;

    Coldstream is in Scotland and the regiment was raised there. While the soldier was certainly British, he may not have been English. Please learn the difference.