Poland, Romania say opposed to multi-speed Europe

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Poland and Romania said Thursday they were opposed to a multi-speed Europe, insisting the European Union had 27 members not just the 17 in the eurozone, as a crunch summit in Brussels loomed.

"The crisis will seal our coffin if we choose to alienate the Europe of 27," Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said at a meeting of right-wing European parties ahead of the key summit.

EU members Poland and Romania are not in the eurozone.

France and Germany have suggested that an agreement on toughening rules to deal with Europe's rampant debt crisis could be reached only between eurozone nations if no Europe-wide deal can be clinched.

"It's not enough to repeat constantly that the European community must stay united. This must be followed by decisions that exclude no one and do not create a two-speed Europe," Tusk said.

"Any alternative to the Europe of 27 will be fatal for Europe," he said.

"Those who want to build an exclusive club forget all the opportunities of a larger Europe. We will protect national interests by reinforcing the Union of 27. That's the key," he said.

Romanian Prime Minister Traian Basescu echoed Tusk's warning, saying: "Romania cannot accept an EU with two categories of member states. Any decision on the eurozone affect the life of Romanian citizens."

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    Traian Basescu is the President of Romania, not the Prime Minister, as stated in the last paragraph.