Palestinian activist tried in France for Israel boycott call

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The head of a pro-Palestinian group appeared in a French court on Friday to face a civil claim that she incited racial hatred when she called for a boycott of Israeli products from occupied Arab land.

Pro-Israeli groups took Olivia Zemor of the CAPJPO-EuroPalestine group to court after she appeared in a 2009 video made at a supermarket near Paris calling for the boycott of products made on land occupied by Israel since 1967.

"This is not against any person or group of persons because of belonging to the Israeli nation," Zemor told the court, voicing surprise that no action has been taken against those calling for boycotts of Mexican or Myanmar products.

The groups which brought the case, including the National Office for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, say that the call for a boycott incites hatred against Israel and consequently also violence.

Around 80 people are facing trial in France for calling for a boycott of Israeli products, including renowned human rights activist and concentration camp survivor Stephane Hessel.

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  • SAS posted:

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    Don't they have freedom of expression in France ?