NATO troops killed by Afghan counterparts: precedents

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A man dressed in Afghan army fatigues on Thursday shot dead two French soldiers in what appeared to be the latest attack by a member of the Afghan security forces on NATO troops.

Here are some previous similar incidents:

- March 27, 2009: An Afghan army soldier in northern Afghanistan opens fire on coalition troops killing two, before killing himself.

- November 4, 2009: A rogue Afghan policeman shoots dead five British soldiers at a checkpoint in southern Helmand province.

- July 13, 2010: An Afghan soldier kills three British troops on an army base in southern Afghanistan.

- August 25, 2010: An Afghan trainee policeman shoots dead two Spanish paramilitary police training Afghan police, and a Spanish interpreter in the northwest of the country, before being killed by security forces.

- November 29, 2010: A man wearing a police uniform kills kills six American soldiers during a training session in eastern Afghanistan.

- January 20, 2011: An Italian soldier working in the NATO force is killed by a renegade Afghan soldier in northwestern Afghanistan.

- February 18, 2011: Three German soldiers are killed when a man in Afghan army uniform opens fire at a NATO base in northern Afghanistan.

- April 16, 2011: Five NATO troops and four Afghan soldiers die in a suicide attack at an Afghan army base in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

- April 27, 2011: Eight US troops and an American contractor are killed when an Afghan ex-pilot opens fire after a row at a Kabul training centre.

- October 29, 2011: Three Australian army trainers are killed when an Afghan soldier opens fire on foreign forces in southern Afghanistan.

- December 29, 2011: Two soldiers with the French Foreign Legion are shot dead by a man wearing an Afghan army uniform in the east of the country. The attacker is killed and the Taliban claim responsibility.

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