Murder accused tells court he tied up French student

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In another development of the court case concerning the two french students who where murdered in London accused admits to tying up one student.

London – One of the alleged killers of two French students in Britain changed his story Tuesday to admit tying one of them up before they were repeatedly stabbed and set on fire.

Daniel "Dano" Sonnex told the Old Bailey court in London that he was ordered to bind the hands and feet of Gabriel Ferez with a pair of tights by co-accused Nigel Farmer during a burglary in June last year.

Sonnex, 23, said Farmer seized the other student, Gabriel Ferez, at Bonomo's flat in New Cross, London.

It was the first time that Sonnex had admitted being in the flat. He said he had decided to "tell the truth" because he had past convictions for wounding with intent and robbery and he feared a jury would never find him innocent.

"I just thought the jury wouldn't believe that I didn't kill these people. It is better to be truthful," he said.

"I'd rather just tell the truth and get it over and done with and let the jury decide who's who and what's what. I didn't kill these people."

The students, both 23, were stabbed more than 240 times in what prosecutors have described as an "orgy of bloodletting" before the property was torched.

Sonnex told the court that Ferez was "edgy" and kept speaking in French while Bonomo talked about his girlfriend.

"My friend kept saying to him, 'think about your girlfriend and everything will be all right,'" Sonnex said.

He admitted he and Farmer, 34, had been drinking heavily and taking cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy in the hours leading up to the murders.

Sonnex claimed they had also been selling cocaine but had been robbed and an "angry" Farmer wanted to carry out a burglary to raise some money.

He said they had looked for a property to target and when they found the window open at Bonomo's flat, Farmer climbed in while he waited outside.

Sonnex said: "I heard some shuffling and I heard some voices and the voices began to get louder -- it was my friend's voice. He said 'D, D, come in and give me a hand, I need a hand.' I went in the window."

Both men have pleaded not guilty to murder, false imprisonment and a charge of arson.

Sonnex admits a single count of burglary which Farmer denies.

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