Live frog found in pack of salad

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A GROUP of flatmates eating dinner together had a shock when they found a live frog in their salad. The small green amphibian - about six or seven centimetres in length - had found its way into a pac...

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  • Dvora posted:

    on 26th August 2011, 16:09:54 - Reply

    The fact that the frog was alive at least says the organic produce was safe and fresh, or the frog would not have survived. I hope the people concerned were humane enough to take the frog to a safe place, maybe park, and let him go. Surely he had been through an unpleasant experience and deserved to live out the rest of his life in peace. And the second bag? Did they check for living creatures before they tossed it in the trash? I'm serious. All creatures deserve our consideration.