Have the courage to forgive, Sarkozy tells Libyans

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday urged the Libyan people who have been fighting a bitter conflict against Moamer Kadhafi to "have the courage to forgive."

He told a meeting at the United Nations on Libya, attended by the country's transitional leaders, that Kadhafi would eventually be tried once the fighting had stopped.

The French leader, who was hailed as a hero when he visited Tripoli last week with British Prime Minister David Cameron, said that the international coalition would stay in place "as long as the revolutionaries need."

And he hailed the wave of pro-democracy uprisings as good news.

"The start to the 21st century has not given us many good surprises. We have crisis after crisis to handle, the economic crisis, the financial crisis, the famine, poverty. Everywhere there are only complications and difficulties.

But "there is some good news, the Arab revolutions," Sarkozy added.

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