French gunman shot couple over parking space

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A young couple was shot by a French gunman, over a parking spot say police officials.

LILLE – A 62-year-old man accused of shooting dead a young couple outside his house in northern France appears to have killed them for taking his parking space, police said Tuesday.

The victims, both in their 20s, were shot dead in front of the suspect's one-storey house on Monday in the small town of Douchy-les-Mines as they came to show off their new-born baby to relatives in the neighbourhood.

One person had been hit in the head, a fire brigade official said Monday.

The shooter, a divorced former municipal worker who had clashed with his neighbours before, threatened to kill himself but surrendered after a two-hour police siege.

A police official said the "most likely explanation" for the tragedy was "a drivers' dispute."

He said the couple had parked outside the man's house in one of a very small number of spaces on the busy road.

"The (perpetrator) seems to have been unhappy about the parking space and to have slashed one of the car tyres," said local state prosecutor Vincent Lesclous, adding that the man had been drinking prior to the attack.

"That angered the car owner who came looking for an explanation, and the shooter came out with a gun in his hand," Lesclous said.

"He opened fire, apparently after a verbal argument."

The man was being questioned in police custody and was to be brought before a prosecutor on Wednesday to face likely charges of murder with premeditation.

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