French government probes Sarkozy bank theft

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The government is investigating how thieves withdrew money from President Nicolas Sarkozy's personal bank account.

20 October 2008
PARIS -- The French government has launched a probe into withdrawals by thieves from President Nicolas Sarkozy's personal bank account, said a senior official Sunday.

"An inquiry is underway, the President of the Republic has filed a complaint," government spokesman Luc Chatel told Radio J.

"We will see if there was fraud in a way in which the perpetrators can be sanctioned," he added.

News that thieves had managed to take out money from Sarkozy's bank account after obtaining his account number was first reported by Le Journal du Dimanche weekly.

The president's office confirmed Sarkozy had filed complaints last month concerning the theft, which the newspaper quoted sources as saying involved only small amounts.

It "is not excluded" that Sarkozy's bank might some of penalty over "misuse of personal data," Chatel said.

"When one gives personal information to one's bank, it is not so the information is used for marketing or recruiting purposes, or that it should be divulged here or there," he added.

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