France condemns deadly Baghdad hostage-taking

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France on Sunday condemned the hostage-taking at a Baghdad church that led to the death of seven Christians.

"France firmly condemns this terrorist action, the latest in a deadly campaign of targeted violence which has already led to more than 40 deaths among the Christians of Iraq," said French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

Seven Christians died and between 13 and 20 were wounded in a rescue operation involving US and Iraqi forces to free 40 hostages at the Sayidat al-Nejat church in the Karrada neighbourhood.

All eight gunmen were killed in the operation.

"France repeats its attachment to the respect of fundamental liberties such as religious freedom and supports the Iraqi authorities in their struggle against terrorism," Kouchner added in his statement.

He expressed his condolences for the families of the dead.

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  • noor posted:

    on 1st November 2010, 07:40:25 - Reply

    thanks to the Franch government for its supports we are so sorry for that bloodbath drama .these attackers are from Arabs countries .the have been killed many Iraqi Muslim Sha”ia ,Now the want to kill the Christians .Thanks to the pope for his help .the attackers "s demands to release the Egyptian detainees in Egypt person. These Arabs hate all mankind. God bless Iraqis .