Florebo quocumque ferar

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Bloom where you are planted

Call to Arms

Florebo quocumque ferar  (bloom where you are planted) a green network to englobe issues of environment (éolienne or phone network aerial about to be planted in your back garden), harnessing where possible natural energy, water conservation, planting the right plant (will my vine survive the winter in Paris?) in the right place (I live on the north face of a tower building ,what to grow?) Share knowledge and experience from ‘can I get my orchids to re-bloom’ to the ‘is the arctic shelf really shrinking’ these and other topics.  A calendar of information about unusual outdoor events (treetop promenades) garden shows, and secret gardens with updates on when and where. Demystify and acquire the confidence to buy something lovely to accompany and improve your outdoor ex pat lifestyle.


I am a bi lingual English expat and resident in France for more than 10 years, I recreated and restored a number of gardens in Spain and England before co-founding a landscaping company in France in 2000. 

Based on years of practical experience and a firm belief that gardening is for everyone I have also previously animated ‘Gardening in France’ workshops for WICE (Women in Continuing Education) community, aimed to provide, straightforward advice and acquire valuable French horticultural vocabulary.  More recently I have developed an online garden consultancy service.

Elaine Jarvis
+33 6 22 70 66 77

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