Ex Renault security chief sues over sacking

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The former Renault security chief accused in connection with a bogus industrial espionage case has filed a complaint against his former employer for violating the secrecy of an ongoing investigation, his lawyer said Monday.

"We filed a complaint Wednesday evening against Gerard Leclercq, head of manufacturing at Renault and against others, for helping to violate the secrecy of the investigation," Jean-Paul Baduel, lawyer for Dominique Gevrey told AFP.

According to Baduel, Leclercq signed a letter summoning Gevrey to a Friday meeting prior to his dismissal in which he made reference to "information contained in the criminal file."

"Justifying the dismissal using information in an ongoing investigation raises problems," said Baduel.

Reached by AFP, Renault stated that their lawyer has not yet received the complaint.

Gevrey has been incarcerated since March 13. The Friday meeting concerning his dismissal was held in his absence.

Suspected of contributing to the production of false information, Gevrey claims to have acted in good faith when dealing with an unnamed source, who is presumed to be at the origin of allegations of industrial espionage against three Renault executives, all of whom were exonerated.

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