Dubai to get its own French city

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Dubai is going for the French touch with plans to build its version of Lyon, complete with cafes, cinemas and schools.

   LYON, France, January 4, 2008  - After Abu Dhabi's deal for its own Louvre
museum, Dubai is also going for the French touch with plans to build its
version of Lyon, complete with cafes, cinemas and schools, according to Lyon
   Due to be completed by 2012, the project is the brainchild of a Dubai
entrepreneur who fell in love with Lyon, one of the France's three biggest
cities, after travelling there as part of plans for a French-language
university in Dubai in partnership with Lyon-2 university.
   Buti Saeed Al Gandhi, who heads investment capital firm Emivest, is
expected to sign a draft accord next week between the French city and Dubai.
   He wants to extend the university project into a huge district named
Lyon-Dubai City that will be graced with public squares, restaurants, outdoor
cafes and museums, and play host to the same gastronomic, cultural, sporting
and economic institutions found in the French urban hub.
   "We're not going to just copy the buildings and make a type of Lyon decor,
but reinstitute the city's atmosphere with boutiques and cultural places in
the heart of the city, transport, a social mix, streets and lanes," said urban
specialist Jean-Paul Lebas, who is working on the project.
   "The city will be organised on European lines so that in a bistrot there
you will find the same atmosphere as in a bistrot in Lyon," he added.
   Thierry Valentin, deputy president of Lyon-2 University, said the new city,
which will be about the size of the Latin Quarter in Paris, would be "a small
city with the accent on the best of French culture, and particularly Lyon
   Besides housing, offices and hotels, Lyon-Dubai City will house a hotel
school run by famed chef Paul Bocuse's institute, a French-language university
offering masters in fashion, international law and economics, subsidiaries of
Lyon's main museums, a cinematheque and a football training centre run by the
Olympique Lyonnais.
   The 300-400 hectare (741-988 acre) scheme, estimated at 500 million euros
(740 million dollars), will be located either in an urban area near the Burj
Dubai tower or in the desert near the emirate's planned second international


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