Charles Aznavour croons to Latin America

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The 83-year-old French singer will present an “au revoir” to his Latin American fans.

17 April 2008

SAO PAULO - Charles Aznavour, 83 but still full of wry energy, is crooning his way across Latin America starting Thursday on what he insists is not a farewell tour, just an "au revoir" to his fans.

The famous French singer, who started out his career under Edith Piaf's wing, told reporters ahead of his first show in Sao Paulo that his one and only secret to his long career was to have a varied song repertoire.

"People always talk about my love songs, but I've also written an enormous number of songs that weren't love songs," for instance on racial segregation, the environment, and even spelling, he said.

"That's why I've lasted so long in my career," he said.

After shows in Brazil over the rest of April, Aznavour is to head to Uruguay, Argentina and Chile to perform a selection of his hits over the past decades.

Among his best-known songs is "She" and "Yesterday When I Was Young."

Several of his songs have inspired covers by such artists as Elvis Costello, Ray Charles and country singer Roy Clark.

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