Angelina Jolie keen to act in a French film

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Hollywood star Angelina Jolie says she will relish the chance to act a French-speaking part in a few years.

1 September 2008

BERLIN -- Hollywood star Angelina Jolie said she would relish the chance to act in a European film and may even be ready to take a French-speaking part in a few years, in an interview with a German magazine.

"No one has asked me yet," she told the Monday issue of Focus news weekly when asked if she would like to work on the Continent.

"It would really interest me - there are more and more great films coming out of Europe and other cultures."

The 33-year-old American, who has nestled into a sprawling estate in the south of France with her six children, said that she and her partner, American heartthrob Brad Pitt, had been learning French for two years.

"When I can really speak it, maybe I'll try out for a French film in a few years," she said.

Jolie told Focus that she rarely watches films on her own time. "I find it difficult to sit still for two hours," she said. "I would rather read something or learn something or travel to experience something new."

She said Pitt, 44, was the real movie buff of the family.

"When we watch together, I usually fall asleep or press pause so I can take care of the kids," Jolie said.

Jolie and Pitt have three adoptive children and three biological children, including twins born in July.

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