Airbus says it beats Boeing with first-half orders

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Airbus announced on Thursday 640 net orders in the first six months of the year, after a successful Paris Air Show last month and despite a recent cancellation by a Middle Eastern leasing company.

The EADS subsidiary registered 777 overall orders during the first half of the year and 137 cancellations, the company said.

Airbus order-books showed 58 cancellations for the month of June, mostly by leasing company Dubai Aerospace Enterprises which cancelled orders for 11 long-haul A350's and 34 medium-haul A320's.

But orders in May were high, the company said.

Airbus announced more sales than observers had expected at the June Paris Air Show driven by the success of the fuel-efficient A320neo, due for delivery in 2015.

The Airbus order book now totals a record 3,934 planes due for delivery.

Airbus said it delivered 258 planes to airline companies since January including 10 jumbo A380's.

Arch rival Boeing trails Airbus in first-half orders with 210 gross orders and 151 net, according to company figures released last week.

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